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CRM is an integrated approach to managing all of your company's connections and interactions with customers and potential customers. To be precise, CRM software enables businesses to stay connected to their consumers, reduce procedures, and increase profitability.

ThinkMove recognizes the importance of CRM in accelerating marketing, sales, digital commerce, and customer support engagements. There are several CRM alternatives on the market. At ThinkMove, we provide CRM services from well-known firms such as Odoo, Salesforce, and Hubspot. Utilizing this CRM service, ThinkMove helps companies identify the success factors and enhance and support overall business success and customer relationship efficiency.


Odoo is a CRM with a single interface that includes several channels like sales, Inventory, Marketing, HR, and MIS. It has an easy-to-use and informative user interface. Odoo CRM has outstanding automation and case management to ensure that all clients are engaged quickly and effectively. The preferences tab in the settings panel allows you to customize all functions.


Salesforce's cloud-based platform is less expensive, easy to host, easy to scale, faster to work with, and more secure. Salesforce CRM platform includes a variety of extra tools and advanced features, including AppExchange, automated workflows, reporting, and mobile access. Furthermore, Salesforce, including reports and dashboards, is highly customizable.


HubSpot CRM offers fantastic services throughout your business operation. Hubspot is a great CRM for nearly any type of business. Further, HubSpot is a powerful all-in-one business solution that includes sales, marketing, and customer service hubs. HubSpot's robust CRM has features like contact management, deal stages, daily dashboard, task management, content repository, automated data capture, and many more.

Dyno CRM

Utilizing made in Nepal CRM, Dyno CRM can help businesses in Nepal to advertise their product and generate leads. With AWS-powered Dyno CRM, you can manage your leads at the right time, manage & segment your contacts, and form pipelines to manage deals in a smarter way. Further, with Dyno CRM, you can get notifications & reminders, reports & analytics, user permission, and roles.

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